Web Development

Modern websites have got to be more than just a pretty face. They are a business tool and so should add value to a company. Below are some of the tools we have developed in the past that we could add to your site to enhance its value. Remember as we have an in-house development team we can create any application your business needs.

SMS - Text Messaging

An SMS gateway added to your website can add a whole new level of customer experience to your company. For example, be alerted when there is a new order waiting on your online shop, SMS messages can be sent to your engineers to immediatly alert them to problems, customers can be reminded by text about special offers, even run premium rate competitions to generate revenue.

Online booking & reservation engine

This tool allows visitors to easily select dates and/or times from a dynamically generated calendar. These dates can then be booked and the customer billed.

Property database and search engines

Information on your website is only useful if visitors can quickly find what they are interested in. Our property system has been developed to provide you with a complete toolset for your estate agency and is in use by estate agents both home and abroad. Properties can be added, edited, deleted, set to sold through the easy to use CMS (see below), ready-to-print flyers can be created for your agency windows, visitors can search all the properties and tailer the results. Please see some of our [case studies] to see how this system has benifited others.

Content management systems

A content management system is a must for most modern websites. Nothing makes a visitor leave a site quicker then out-of-date information. In order to remain competitive a site should be full of useful information that your customers want. Our CMS is so easy to use that anyone can update their website as often as neccessary.

Online quote caluclators

We have developed a powerful quotation engine that can generate real-time quotes based on user input. For example if you are a rent a car agency you can provide your customers with a quick, accurate quote taking into account the class of car they require, how long and which season each day falls on.

Secure eCommerce

eCommerce has to be safe and easy if it is to work, which is why we put a lot of effort into designing our eCommerce offerings. We integrate our payment systems into industry leaders such as PayPal, WorldPay. We also recognise that often the weakest link in a secure system is the human element, so our solutions make it easy for customers and site-operators to maintain security.

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