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Developer Articles: Active Directory Useful Field Names.

After much searching on the internet I couldnt find a list of fieldnames that are accessable from Active Directory (AD) so I have compiled a list below. There is smaple code at the bottom of the page to connect and retrieve this information if anyone is interested. Also I have included code to list *all* the fields but as there are literally hundreds of them it is best to use the SLECTCOLUMNS method and only retrieve the ones you need.

Description Active Directory Fieldname
First Name givenName
Surname sn
Tel1 TelephoneNumber
Fax1 facsimiletelephonenumber
Mob1 mobile
Postcode postalcode
Title (Mr) title
Company Name company
Email Address (SMTP) mail
Address Line1 streetAddress
City l
Country co
County st

Code to retrieve columns above.

Coming Soon.

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