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Web Design
Our design philosophy is simplicity and usability.

Since Hex Design was founded in 1998 the Internet has changed a lot and we have tried to change with it. The Internet auidience has also changed and now all sections of society are online and so are potetial customers / visitors of a website. This is why we are committed to producing websites that are viewable by everybody and follow all industry guidelines where possible. 'All-flash' websites that sing and dance may have their place promoting the lastest blockbuster, but a simple well-designed site is much better equipped to convey information or sell a product.

We believe that simplicity is also essential - there are a lot of websites out there and the Internet auidience are a fickle bunch. If they can not find what they are looking for in a couple of clicks, they will hit the back button and visit your competitor - the next one down in google.

We create each website from scratch with these in mind, and consult with you at every available opportunity, if you are new to the Internet world, our consultants will be happy to discuss your business ideas and make suggestions. Contact us for a consultation now.

Key Services

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